Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Interlocking directorate? Who, me?

Over at Alternet there's a terrific piece on the strike and the MSM connections to it. Many of our members were shocked by the factually wrong information that was printed about them. Perhaps this article will explain why it happens and how the corporate culture effects them.

Broadway Corporations Like Disney Make Millions as Stagehands Strike to Save Homes, Jobs
By Nancy Van Ness, The Wip. Posted November 20, 2007.

While the commercial media obsess about tourists who can't see the Grinch, striking stagehands struggle to have their voices heard.


The Lone Beader said...

Thank U for sharing that link.

Broadway Carl said...

I read this article and appreciated the intent. But I must admit, being a "Disney Theatrical" employed stagehand, I was a bit disappointed in Disney's inclusion with the League. Far and away, Disney's management has treated its stagehands with respect and courtesy, at least in my dealings with them.

I hope it continues through the upcoming negotiations.

Yours in solidarity,
Broadway Carl

Humble Nailbanger said...

Nice article, thanks for posting it.