Thursday, May 14, 2009

Artists For Workers Choice

The performing arts unions have created a web ad supporting the Employee Free Choice Act.

Artists For Workers Choice

The Stars Come Out in Support of Employee Free Choice Act
The stars of stage and screen—actors, musicians, Broadway performers, comedians, writers and crew—are coming out in support of the Employee Free Choice Act through a new online video called “Artists4WorkersChoice.” Many have Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony awards and nominations, and they have one thing in common—they’re all union members, and they all share the experience of working every day for a living, struggling to find jobs and pay the bills.
“People associate actors with fame and glory. The truth is for a long time my union contract was the reason I could support my family. That’s why I support the Employee Free Choice Act,” said television star Amy Brenneman. “Because each worker, regardless of their field, deserves the freedom to bargain for a contract, for a better life.”


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Katherine said...

I was wondering if there were any books you could recommend on the history, process of organization, etc. of the IA and Local 1. I have been searching but am having a difficult time tracking the specifics down, any advice or recommendations?

I have been to the NYPL Perf Arts, only 2 books there made reference to the stage hands union. I am writing a paper for grad school (that I want to turn into my thesis) on the importance of unions, their development, the before and after the strike conditions, and more. Any help would greatly appreciated.

Care to comment about the conditions before, during and after the most recent strike?

I enjoy your blog immensely. Be well.